Scary Stories: The Misadventures of the Tree Buddies

The Misadventures of the Tree Buddies
By Kayla Doan

There was once two friends who lived in the hollow world inside a tree. Bubby the snowman can make armor out of pumpkins! String the spider is very messy but often surprisingly makes creations out of his messiness.

Bubby find a soda can and asks String to help him carry home a soda can so he can craft it into swords. Turns out it was soda can in disguise! Bubby ended up losing part of his armor and String lost some of his string.

Their last bad event of the day was when the full moon shone high in the sky and Bubby & String wish on it. But instead of their wishes coming true, Timber the panda jumps off the full moon and falls right on Bubby and String! Bubby’s pumpkin armor breaks right off but String sews it back together and they sleep.

Kayla’s scary story was written as part of the AMPLIFY Explore October Campfire workshop on October 24, 2019. Come to our Halloween Costume Party on October 31st at 3pm for Halloween slime and treats!