Scary Stories: The Legend of the Chibi Spider

The Legend of the Chibi Spider
By Hillary Trangia

It was a stormy Halloween night and the new moon had risen to its highest point. A nice looking manshion stands on a cliff, waiting to be seen. A stone path was echted on the earth, shining. Wait a minute, how could it shine when there is no moon? I guess I’ve to figure that out later. Huh?

I hear something. Oh. It’s the witch again. Her name… Well no one knows. Her pet is a spider. It looks so cute! But it’s very deadly. It can kill you in one single bite.

Continuing, a small group of children walk along the path. They spot the manshion, think that there must have a lot of candy. They started running. For some strange reason, there was a skeleton near the cheerful house. They must have thought it was decoration so they continued on to the nice building.

The witch saw them and told her spider, “Get ready. You know what to do.”

The spider responded, “Yes, ma’am!” and headed off to his position.

As the kids ringed the bell, the door opened slowly, creaking from old age. The kids look around hoping for candy. There was a sign saying, “Welcome! Come in for candy!” The excited children entered, not noticing the door slowly closing behind them.

As they entered, the witch smiled and gave them candied apples. It looks so good. They took one and gave her a thank you. They didn’t know that she, the witch, put a sleeping potion in their treats, so the momet they finished, they fell on the ground without a single word. The witch dragged them to a room and kicked them in. The chibi spider was on the bed, jumping down, biting them on the necks. They died instantly without a word.

Be careful on Halloween.

Hillary’s scary story was written as part of the AMPLIFY Explore October Campfire workshop on October 24, 2019. Come to our Halloween Costume Party on October 31st at 3pm for Halloween slime and treats!