Scary Stories: Best Campsite Ever

Best Campsite Ever
By Courtney Nguyen

A family of 4 and their dog go camping on Friday the 13th at a campsite called Best Campsite Ever! When they arrive, there is blood on the welcome sign. Everyone in the family gasps.

“Probably just a decoration…” Lily, the sister in the family, says calmly.

Everyone nods in agreement.

As they walk to their cabin, Sparky, their dog, runs off into the woods.

“Sparky!” Joe, the brother in the family, shouts. Lily and Joe chase after sparky.

“Lily! Joe!” their father and mother shout. But it is too late. They already ran off.

At night their mother and father were worried. Joe and Lily didn’t come back yet. They decided to look for Lily and Joe in the forest. When they open the door, a skeleton is sitting on the cabin porch.

“AHHHH!” they scream and run off into the woods. It was a full moon.

They heard something. A moan. “Sparky…” two voices moan.

“Joe? Lily?” the father says.

“Sparky…” Moan the two voices again.

A girl with pale skin, red eyes, and long jet black hair steps out of the trees. “Hello mother.” A boy with a very similar description steps out too. “Hello Father,” the boy says.

The mother and father dash out of the woods and start the car engine. The car dashes out and disappears into the darkness.

Now, if you go to “Best Campsite Ever!” when there’s a full moon, in the forest, you might hear the moans of Joe and Lily…

Courtney’s scary story was written as part of the AMPLIFY Explore October Campfire workshop on October 24, 2019. Come to our Halloween Costume Party on October 31st at 3pm for Halloween slime and treats!