Scary Stories: The Witch’s Secret

The Witch’s Secret
By Myolie Nguyen

When Mona’s parents died in that car crash, Mona was forced to move out of the country to her Aunt Candace’s century-old mansion in Montgomery Street. She had heard legends about that place, that it was haunted. She thought that was all nonsense.

“Ready to go?” asked Kevin the cab driver.

“Yeah,” she replied. It was a quiet ride, but she finally arrived at her Aunt’s mansion.

“We’re here!” the driver announces.

“Thanks,” she says, and turns around. But in the drivers place was a rusty old skeleton. Mona screams and got out of the car as quick as she could.

“There is something wrong with this place!” Mona thinks. She was dead scared. She approaches the front steps of the mansion and knocks.

“Who’s there?” a woman’s voice bellows.

“I-it’s me, Mona,” Mona replies shakily.

The door opens and an old woman stands with her cat. “Come in,” she says. It was Great Aunt Candace.

She shows Mona her room and says Goodbye. Mona did not like this place.

The next morning, Mona wakes up and goes to the living room. “Good morning,” she says to Great Aunt Candace.

“Here is your breakfast,” her aunt says.

It was Green liquid with something in it that seems to be eyeballs.

“Oh, yum,” she says, but dumps it in the trash bin.

She started noticing other weird things in the house, especially this old dark room. One day, she decided to take a look inside. She goes inside and sees her Great Aunt Candace standing around a bubbling cauldron. She turns around.

“Hello, Mona,” she says. “I’m surprised you found me.” She smiles. “But no one must know my secret.”

“Montgomery, dinner is here.”

The black cat lunged towards Mona and raised it’s silver claws. Everything went black.

Myolie’s scary story was written as part of the AMPLIFY Explore October Campfire workshop on October 24, 2019. Come to our Halloween Costume Party on October 31st at 3pm for Halloween slime and treats!