Scary Stories: Jolly’s Carnival

Jolly’s Carnival
By Gia Nguyen

This story starts with a girl, writing a spooky story. About a girl, heading to a carnival named “Jolly’s Carnival.” She went there, seeing pumpkins all over the place. Weird, huh? She played games as normal and had fun. The full moon was up, glowing, shimmering like it’s meaning something bad.

Finally, it was time for the circus. While she was heading there, Boo! A skeleton jumped scared her. She saw her friends, so she went with them in the circus. That’s where the ringmaster comes in, doing magic. After that, her friends went missing. Meanwhile, the girl saw the ringmaster eating bugs!

The girl was done writing her story. She went on the TV, seeing news about two girls, like her story. She turned it off immediately. Once she was on her bike, seeing Jolly’s Carnival- in real life!

She went in seeing blood all over the place. “I thought it was just a story,” she thought. She looked up seeing pumpkins and the ringmaster above her. She heard pumpkins laughing. “Any last words?”

Gia’s scary story was written as part of the AMPLIFY Explore October Campfire workshop on October 24, 2019. Come to our Halloween Costume Part on October 31st at 3pm for Halloween slime and treats!