By Anh Truong

Hello! So… how many times did you make people happy today? Smile? Or even laugh? How many times have you told people “Whoa! You’re so beautiful!” or “Wow you look really nice today!” How many times have you said “Hey… so I just kinda love you! :)” Many times huh? Alright now let me ask you. How many times have you felt the same way about yourself? …

Sometimes, we’re caught up in giving out so much love that we forget to save some good for ourselves. Sometimes, we forget about the good things in life and we turn to people or things that may not be good for us. Sometimes, we get stuck in a cycle of negativity.

Let’s be honest here. You HAVE looked in the mirror wishing you were different. YES! All those instagram and twitter posts. If only my eyes were a little bigger. “*sigh*  if only I could sing as well as her.” Or wow I wish I could be just like that guy!

Now… while you’re here criticizing yourself… There’s probably someone out there wishing they were like you! You need to know that you are appreciated. The words you say to yourself matter. A little self love can totally brighten up the day 🙂

Simply put, we’re all human, we’re all unique and perfectly imperfect. But, truly comprehend that! Don’t let your so called flaws hold you back, you’re beautiful and amazing the way you are. Start creating beautiful moments feeling good in your own body. Now go out there and rock the world. Go rock you 🙂

Come watch Self-Love, the AMPLIFY Expressions Short Film, at the Youth Showcase on Thursday June 20th at the Seven Trees Community Center from 6pm to 8pm.

Photography by Becky Tran