The Hungry Dreamer, Part 4

The Hungry Dreamer
By Ms. Photoframe

Part 4

“Dreams without goals, are just dreams and they ultimately fuel disappointment.”

 -Denzel Washington

Plan your goals to reach your dreams. To pursue your passion. Do not feed yourself  disappointment. Now, disappointments interrupts you  once in a while or all the time, but do not let those cause you to feel like giving up. Do not give up on your dreams. Continue to pursue your passion. Time is your biggest enemy, but also your greatest friend. It only serves you if you use it wisely. Trials and errors are along the way, and that is absolutely ok. Despite all these adversities, follow your dreams. Whether you run, walk, crawl, jog, go after it. You can always step backwards, or look back, or stop and change lanes. Follow the signs of the universe.

Feed yourself with your passion and dreams. Think of reaching your dreams and pursuing your passion like cooking food. To make the food, you gotta cook. For some people, it’s easier because the food is already made for them or they have access to take-outs. For some of us, it takes more work to create the food, to achieve our goals. It is not always going to taste well, but like many other things, you can try again. We need to keep trying and to keep going. We need to keep believing and dreaming.

Because why not?

Your happiness is your happiness.

Happiness can be found within the balance of life. A balance between your responsibilities and having fun. A balance between your dream and reality.

There is no absolute reason why we cannot be happy. So start now by thinking about your dream or what it might be. Sometimes, it will just pop up out of nowhere. Starting to attempt our dreams does not mean we are automatically successful in it. Let time do its job.

Remember, this is your journey. Only you can make anything in your life happen.

I dream to lead a path for a better tomorrow by moving forward