The Hungry Dreamer, Part 3

The Hungry Dreamer
By Ms. Photoframe

Part 3

Discovering the dream:

We see others do something that we want to do. Sometimes, that is how we find our passion. This exposes us to something that starts a spark. A spark in our hearts that wakes us up. A calling. No matter how crazy it is, we are being called by it. The universe (How or Whom you ever you see it as) is giving us a sign. Wherever we go, it taps us on the shoulder and says hello. We sometimes try to ignore it because we believe we are not capable.

Not all of us were gifted and naturally born with talents. We have to put in hard work and practice. Sometimes, we will never be good at it. We have a harder time than others to gain these skills. Voices in your head will fight to tell you “stop” or “keep on going.”

Who do you listen to?

Who should you listen to?

Making mistakes is not only a normal part in the journey, but rather an essential component. Often, our mistakes lead us to what we really love. Where we find the most happiness. This is a process in everyone’s own journey to find what their passion truly is.

Once in a while, we are driven by something, but we keep avoiding it. We feel limited to our potential. We feel limited by time, people, resources, and hope. We feel limited in talent. We feel like we do not belong within the group of people who have the same passion as us. Maybe because they have been doing it for years, and we have just been admiring those people who has been doing it for years. Those who are more skilled, more talented, more capable. We feel inferior, or a “noob.” We keep considering what we possibly cannot gain, such as skills or success. We look at the road and how it leads to failure.


What do we lose when we give up on our passion or our dreams? We lose happiness. We lose identity. We are left lost. We are left hungry.

Happiness can be found within the balance of life. A balance between your responsibilities and having fun. A balance between your dream and reality.

“You can start late, look different, be uncertain, and still succeed.”

-Misty Copeland, an American ballet dancer and first African American to be promoted to principal dancer after 75 years of history in the American Ballet Theater

Never give up easily on anything without attempting it at least. You do not have to be gifted at it, but let it be part of your life. You never know if it will guide you to a different direction that might fit your life more. Remember, nobody was created to fit into anything right away. That is our own path in the decisions we make.

There are just somethings that will never leave us. It will wait inside of us, whether we notice it or not. Consider it yourself, “are you depriving yourself of something because you question your potential?” Because others and yourself question your potential? Do not leave yourself hungry. Keep dreaming, but set goals as well.

This is one of my best friends, she has always supported my dreams