The Hungry Dreamer, Part 2

The Hungry Dreamer
By Ms. Photoframe

Part 2

Passion is a deep eagerness feeling towards something or someone. Passion has multiple meanings for different people. Could it be what they want to pursue in life? What have they been doing their entire lives and continue to do? Could it simply mean what they love? Something that drives us crazy and we feel like we must do. The dictionary definition does not seem to satisfy anyone and we manipulate the meaning of the word to fit our lives. This 7 letter word has found its ways in speeches and has been said by a number of people to encourage and motivate others. To feed their hunger with this something.

We are taught that we can do anything if we put our minds to it. That anything works out through hard work. We see it on motivational cat posters in classrooms or on social media. It is a typical example of a quixotic world. This is the idealistic view. The culture of idealism that we use to empower ourselves. However, unfortunately, this does not always apply to the real world. We do not always win or get fulfilled. How many times do we hear stories of people who have sacrificed their dreams and passion for the real world? And how they are empty inside. Lost in their own direction.

How many times do we realize our own dreams are no longer realistic, especially when we reach that age where it is no longer possible?

What happens when reality hits us?

Realizing that the idea of passion and dreams is child’s play. That you must pursue something that will secure a good future for you because that is what will make you happy. It will make you content, satisfied and fed.

Will it?

Questions that drive us crazy:

What if we love something, but are not good at it?

What if we lack the resources like money or time?

What if society (Who/what is society?)  looks at our passion as a joke?

What if they (who is they?) cannot find the value in our passion?

What if I cannot make a living out of it because it is not practical?

What if it is simply too late to be good at something that you love?

What if my passion is not realistic? My dream is impossible.

Many might question, “why do you love something you are not good at?”

Is it not more often you want to pursue something because it is something you are good at?

Why is that?

I dream to have a film of mine to be in the cinemas