The Hungry Dreamer, Part 1

The Hungry Dreamer
By Ms. Photoframe

Part 1

When I am hungry, I become angry and upset. I raid my fridge and my pantry to find something to eat. Sometimes, I will be craving something and I will not stop until I find a way to get what I want to eat. Sometimes, I will take the time to try to search for a recipe that is quick and easy. Sometimes, I will ask my friends in case they have what I am looking for. Sometimes, I will ask my parents if they can drop by the grocery store to fetch me something. Sometimes, I will walk a couple blocks to buy what I want. And sometimes, I simply do not get it, which is very typical, and I will be unhappy for a very long extended period of time. Maybe I will get over it, but sometimes I dwell on the idea of not having it.

Is it the same with my passion?

I dream to be surrounded by nature as I look up at the blue friendly sky.